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American Senior Benefits – Carrier Partners

To be the best, work with the best!

American Senior Benefits best-in-class product portfolio provides coverage for virtually every insurance need. We have over 100 carrier relationships to ensure that the depth of our product portfolio in each area meets the needs of our agents so they, in turn, can meet the needs of their clients.

We believe a company's history is vital so we offer...  [more...]

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Guide to Medicare Supplement

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Guide to Medicare Supplement

To purchase Medicare Supplement Insurance you must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B. Medicare Supplement Insurance (also known as Medigap) provides coverage for gaps in medical costs not covered by Medicare. Medicare...  [more...]

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2017 Medicare Rates Part A & Part B - Plan Medicare

The 2017 Medicare rates have been released for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. It is important to be aware of changes every year that occur with Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B rates, so that you know exactly how much you are responsible for, before and after utilizing coverage.

Below you will find two charts outlining what Medicare will cover in 2017, and what you will be responsible...  [more...]

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When Do I Get Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

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When Do I Get Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans (also called Medigap) are not acquired the way standard Medicare Plans are. They are plans a person chooses to cover medical costs that Medicare normally would not. It is highly advised that a person purchase a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan as soon as they find out they are eligible...  [more...]

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Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) vs. Medicare Advantage

Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) vs. Medicare Advantage

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Medicare Supplement Insurance (also called Medigap) are private plans sold by insurance companies to work alongside your Original Medicare coverage to help cover out-of-pocket costs.

Medicare Advantage plans (also called...  [more...]

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