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Supplemental Medical Insurance What Is Supplemental Health Insurance

Group health insurance rates have been increasing year after year and employers have been forced to make some drastic changes in their employee benefit progr...

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Medicare Part D

What is Medicare Part D? It is insurance that can help you pay for prescription drug medications. It is only offered by private insurance companies that are approved by Medicare.

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Medicare Supplement Plans by are an easy way to cover the Medigap. Supplemental Insurance to go along with your Medicare part A and Part B can range in price, however you may have a ZERO COST option. That is a plan that will have no monthly premium to you. Plans and offerings change by state and by year, and the time to enrol is set by the government but if you want a plan that can help reduce your out of pocket exposure then medicare...

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Compare Medicare Insurance Options - Call 1-(855)-MEDIGAP

Compare medicare supplement plans at

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SMS in 60 Talks about Medicare 2014 Rates and Supplements

This week we look at the 2014 Medicare Rates for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. We also take a look how Plan G is worth reviewing with your clients and prospects since the Medicare Part B deductible is staying the same. Brought to you by Senior Marketing Specialists

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