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What is a Medicare -

Medicare is a health insurance program for: people age 65 or older,

people under age 65 with certain disabilities, and

people of all ages with End-Stage Renal Disease (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant).

Medicare has: Part A Hospital Insurance - Most people don't pay a premium for Part A because they or a spouse already paid for it through their payroll taxes...

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What is Medicare Modernization act -

What is a Medicare?

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What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

Answer by Ewatson1

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My understanding is that Medicare is a program developed by LBJ for medical care for certain senior citizens who have made FICA payroll deductions during their employment. My understanding of Medicaid is that it covers health care for indigents and their dependents, regardless of age. More Detail: Medicare is an insurance program. Bills are paid from trust...

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What is Medicare Replacement Plan -

A Medicare Replacement Plan is synonomous with the names Medicare Part C, Medicare+Choice, and Medicare Advantage.

In general, what these have in common is that the member gets a wider range of benefits (sometimes including Rx benefits), and often lower copayments than with regular Medicare. What must be kept in mind, however, is that not all medical providers accept all plans, so it is important to check with your providers before...

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What is the difference between primary diagnosis and ...

The Primary Diagnosis is an outdated term in outpatient settings. The term was changed to First-listed Diagnosis some years ago, and it is the main condition treated or investigated during the relevant episode of outpatient (ambulatory) health care. Where there is no definitive diagnosis, the main symptom or sign, abnormal findings, or problem is reported as the first-listed diagnosis. The...

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When is Medicare primary under a Group Insurance Plan?

Medicare is only secondary to your group coverage if you work for a company with 20 or more employees (could be a combination of part-time and full-time, based on total number of hours per year) and you worked 20 weeks or more, in the current or preceding year. They do not have to be consecutive weeks. If you work less than 20 weeks or your employer employs less than 20 employees, or both, your medicare coverage is your primary insurance coverage.

Primary status of group benefits takes place as soon as the employment and work week criteria are met. It will be primary for at least the rest of the current calendar year and...

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What is the deductible for 2010 for medicare part b - Answers

Answer by Musicagain57

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Although not officially announced yet by CMS (Medicare) as of this date (10/13/09), it should remain the same as 2009 for most, if not all, folks in the low to medium income bracket. The reason is that Social Security retirees will not get a COLA this year. This was explained last April. Because of no Soc Sec COLA, a provision for protection of those having Part B premiums being deducted from their monthly retirement income to not suffer a lower check amount in cases such as this, a hardship clause was...

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What is the difference between secondary and supplemental ...

Some might say...symantics. But as a supplemental insurance agent, what it means to me is:

Secondary = a policy that typically pays the provider's remaining medical bills that a primary insurance policy did not pay. Sometimes a secondary policy will pay 100% of the leftover medical bills and sometimes it will only pay for the coinsurance portion and not the deductible (for example). This happens...

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What is the difference between a secondary and a ...

Some might say...symantics! But as a supplemental insurance agent, I would say a big difference: Secondary: a policy that pays the provider's leftover medical bills. Some might still exclude the payment toward bills assigned to meet the primary policy's deductibles or copayments so you have to ask. This happens for instance if a husband or wife covers their spouse on their insurance but he/she...

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