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Medicare Supplement - Dental Health Insurance Plan and ...

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1.  Specialty Duo package includes both Specialty Duo dental plan and Specialty Duo vision plan for Medicare Supplement plan members.

2.  Dental...

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Maintenance - Blue Shield of California

Ways to save

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Medicare Advantage Plans - Prescription Drug Coverage ...

Get more out of Original Medicare, at an affordable price, with a Medicare Advantage - Prescription Drug Plan.

How to Get Coverage

We offer Medicare Advantage - Prescription Drug Plans in Orange, San Diego and Fresno counties and parts of Los Angeles, Riverside, San...

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Medicare Prescription Drug Plans - Blue Shield of California


Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

If you don't have Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage with your current healthcare coverage, you may want to consider our Medicare Prescription Drug plans, available throughout California. If you would prefer a plan that has both medical and Part D prescription drug coverage, visit our Medicare Advantage - Prescription Drug Plans page .

This plan can help cover your prescription drug costs and includes:

$82.50 monthly plan...

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Formulary - Blue Shield of California

Transition policy

Each Medicare prescription drug plan has a list of drugs it covers. This list is called a formulary.

The Blue Shield of California formulary is developed and updated at least quarterly by the Blue Shield Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee and meets all Medicare requirements for included and excluded drugs. The Blue Shield of California Formulary contains medications that have been reviewed and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The Blue Shield P&T Committee includes physicians and...

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Blue Shield Dentist Search Tool - Blue Shield of California


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Our Medicare Supplement plans allow you to choose any doctor, hospital or other provider who accepts Medicare - without being limited to a network. To find providers who accept Medicare, use the Participating Physician Directory at , the official website for people with Medicare coverage.



To find physicians, medical practices, facilities, other care centers and vision care providers within the BlueCross BlueShield Federal Employee Program (FEP), please search the FEP Provider Directory .



If your Evidence of Coverage or...

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65 Plus Plan Available for San Diego - Blue Shield of ...

Blue Shield 65 Plus Now Available to San Diego Residents

Name: Laura Perry

Phone: 310-568-2853


SAN FRANCISCO - As of June 1, a familiar name in San Diego healthcare - Blue Shield - is now available to approximately 340,000 Medicare beneficiaries in San Diego County.

"Blue Shield has been offering commercial health coverage to San Diego residents for over 20 years," announced Medicare Region Chief Executive Lisa Rubino. "It makes sense for us to offer Medicare beneficiaries the same access to our healthplan through Blue Shield 65 Plus."

Blue Shield 65 Plus' entry into the San Diego Medicare HMO market comes on the heels of...

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Appeals and Grievances Form - Blue Shield of California

Medication Therapy Management Program

Appeals and Grievances Form

If you are a member of one of our plans for Medicare beneficiaries, you, your representative or prescriber may use the form below to file an appeal or grievance (complaint) request. Please provide any detailed information you feel may be helpful in supporting your request. Before submitting a request, please be sure to read about the details of our appeals...

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