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50 Years of Medicare – How did we get here? Infographic

How did we get here?


The New Deal

Franklin D. Roosevelt's Social Security Act passes, but without a universal health insurance component because of opposition from Republicans, conservative Democrats, and organized medicine.


Health Care Reformer in Chief

Harry Truman, the first president to unreservedly advocate national health insurance, sees his proposal--targeted as socialized...

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Date: 2015-04-30 15:40:04

The Affordable Care Act's Payment and Delivery System ...

The Affordable Care Act included many payment reform provisions aimed at promoting the development and spread of innovative payment methods to facilitate the adoption of effective care delivery models. The earliest of the ACA's provisions related to provider reimbursement have slowed growth in fee-for-service payment levels. The intention was to provide some budget relief, particularly for the...

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Does Medicare Advantage Cost Less Than Traditional ...

Does Medicare Advantage Cost Less Than Traditional Medicare?


January 28, 2016


B. Biles, G. Casillas, and S. Guterman, Does Medicare Advantage Cost Less Than Traditional Medicare? The Commonwealth Fund, January 2016.



Medicare Advantage plans with lower costs than traditional Medicare are concentrated in a small number of counties


The costs of providing benefits...

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Competition Among Medicare’s Private Health Plans: Does It ...

Competition among private Medicare Advantage (MA) plans is seen by some as leading to lower premiums and expanded benefits. But how much competition exists in MA markets? Using a standard measure of market competition, our analysis finds that 97 percent of markets in U.S. counties are highly concentrated and therefore lacking in significant MA plan competition. Competition is considerably lower...

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Financial Impact AHCA Medicaid on Safety-Net Hospitals ...



The AHCA's cuts to federal Medicaid funds would reduce net income for safety-net hospitals by 83% in 2026

The financial status of safety-net hospitals in rural areas would be especially jeopardized by AHCA cuts to Medicaid


Issue: Safety-net hospitals play a vital role in our health care system, delivering significant care to Medicaid, uninsured, and other vulnerable patients....

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Balance Billing by Providers State Consumer Protections ...


Most states lack consumer protection laws for "balance billing" by out-of-network providers in in-network hospitals

Concerns about balance billing are not new but may grow as narrow provider networks become more common


Issue: Privately insured consumers expect that if they pay premiums and use in-network providers, their insurer will cover the cost of medically necessary care...

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Models of Care for High-Need, High-Cost Patients: An ...

Hospital-to-home transition


* Note: Studies of home-based interventions reviewed by Bodenheimer and Berry-Millett differed from those reviewed by Boult and colleagues, who found positive impact for hospital-at-home interventions (Exhibit 1).


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Medicare vs. Private Insurance: Rhetoric and Reality - The ...

Recent debates about the future of Medicare have included a range of proposals that would restructure the program to operate more like private insurance. Findings from The Commonwealth Fund 2001 Health Insurance Survey, however, show that Medicare outperforms private sector plans in terms of patients' satisfaction with quality of care, access to care, and overall insurance ratings.

In Medicare...

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Quality-Spending Interactive, June 2017 Update - The ...

Quality-Spending Interactive, June 2017 Update

See the relationship between Medicare quality and spending in your state or local area



To view the relationship between health care quality and spending in your state or local area using the most recent data as of June 2017, use the graph, known as...

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