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Medicare Part B Billing - Understanding the Differences ...


Medicare Part B Billing - Differences and Coverage

Learn the basics of Medicare Part B billing (coverage, application) and the difference between regular and Part B billing and coding...

Very simply, Medicare is the federally-funded program that provides healthcare coverage for the disabled and elderly.

There are four types of Medicare:

Part A covers inpatient hospital care as well as...

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Benefits of Medical Billing Seminars, and Where to Find Them


Benefits of Medical Billing Seminars, and Where to Find Them

Medical billing seminars are events where industry professionals gather to learn new skills, new techniques, and new guidelines in medical billing and coding.

Each year, new regulations are put in place to help solve problems and make working within the healthcare industry easier, as well as to make room for technological...

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All About DME Medical Billing Software -

How to find the right DME medical billing software. We've looked at various options and compared our findings...

No matter which field in the healthcare industry you work in, it's important to have practice management software that's especially suited to meet your needs. The same goes for Durable Medical Equipment.

Durable Medical Equipment, or DME, is the specialty that deals only with the...

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ASC Billing - The Basics of Ambulatory Surgery Center Billing


ASC Billing Basics

ASC billing (Ambulatory Surgery Center) is completely different than any other type of billing. Learn about the special rules and guidelines here...

Before we begin to examine the special needs of an Ambulatory Surgery Center biller, it's important to understand what an Ambulatory Surgery Center is.

An Ambulatory Surgery Center is a facility that, very simply,...

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