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Purpose and Important data in Medicare Cost Report Preparation


Medicare requires that providers of certain services are required to prepare on an annual basis a cost report which shows the total expenses to provide services and the Medicare allowable expenses used by CMS to review and adjust rates. The information is also used by MedPac, Medicare Payment Advisory Services Commission, to...

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Medicare Cost Reports - Experts Cost Reports Preparation

With thousands of cost reports filed in 22 years, the Paisley & Elm team has acquired a deep understanding of the Medicare cost reporting process and developed cost-effective methodologies to facilitate the compilation and filing of Medicare cost reports. Our staff members are up to date with the preparation of all CMS cost reports to ensure they stay ahead of changes in reporting requirements....

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FQHC Medicare Cost Reports - Call Paisley & Elm experts

We specialize in Federally Qualified Health Centers / FQHC Cost Report which is designed to report to Medicare the allowable Medicare cost per type of treatment (encounter) in the geographic area (MSA) of the provider. At Paisley & Elm we are familiar...

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