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What is the Medicare Part D IRMMA and How Do I Know If It ...

IRMMA is the Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount that can be applied to a Medicare beneficiary's Medicare Part D and Medicare Part B premiums. IRMMA affects only those Medicare beneficiaries who have high incomes. Specifically, Medicare beneficiaries who have a modified adjusted gross income of more than $85,000.00 for individuals or $170,000.00 for married couples filing joint income tax...

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Can I Avoid Medicare Part D IRMAA? | Medicare Pathways

How Do You Know if You Have Part D IRMAA?

Aside from the income bracket indicated above, policy holders who have Part D IRMAA will be notified by the Social Security Administration if they are part of this adjustment or not. This is determined every year in line with the Modified Adjusted Gross Income as indicated by your two-year income tax return report.

Once the assessment is done, the SSA...

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