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Medicare Plans Options in Your State - 1-(855)-MEDIGAP

Medicare Plans in Wyoming

Medicare Plans in Your State - Know Your Options

Medicare health coverage is comprehensive and offers many medicare plans to choose from. If you require a lot of care, however, it can leave you with substantial out-of-pocket costs. One way to avoid that is to have a supplemental insurance plan. It can help offset the expenses Medicare doesn't cover.

Choosing a plan...

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Medicare Part D in Massachusetts - Call 1-(855)-MEDIGAP

Medicare Part D in Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts offers 23 Medicare Part D prescription drug plans which are furnished by 12 separate health care providers. Medicare Part D is a solid option if you're struggling to pay your prescription drug costs and you're over age 65. You'll need to be enrolled in Original Medicare Part A and B in order to sign up for a Part D plan. Once you're an...

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Sierra Health & Life Medicare Plans - Call 1-(855)-MEDIGAP

Sierra Health & Life Medicare Plans

Affiliated Brand Names

Sierra Health and Life Insurance


Sierra Spectrum

Company Overview

Sierra Health and Life Insurance started out as a small, local insurance provider headquartered within the state of Nevada. As they grew and became successful, they were eventually bought out by UnitedHealthcare. Now they are a proud subsidiary of their...

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Medicare Supplement in Ohio - 1-(855)-MEDIGAP

With a Medicare Supplement plan you have the freedom of choice to choose the doctors that you want. No referrals or pre-certification is necessary unlike like most traditional types of insurance plans.

Doctors List

Drug, Vision and Dental Coverage

Unfortunately Medicare Supplement insurance in Ohio not cover Drugs, Vision, or Dental care. If you enroll in a Medigap plan, you will need to shop...

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Medicare Supplement Plans in Your State - Call 1-(855)-MEDIGAP

Medicare Supplement Similarities in Every State

Regardless of the differences in Medicare supplements across the country, there are certain things you can expect from your Medicare supplement insurance, regardless of where you live. And those are:

Equal or better coverage from a Medicare Advantage If you decide to purchase a Medicare Advantage plan, it will offer you medical benefits which are...

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North American Insurance Medicare Plans -

North American Insurance Medicare Plans

Affiliated Brand Names

North American Insurance Company

Company Overview

North American Insurance Company has some very interesting things going on with it. For starters, it is currently not taking on any new business; however, it is still managing policies (including their signature North American Insurance Medicare Plans) and paying out claims for...

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Does Medicare cover cataract surgery? Call 1-(855)-MEDIGAP

Does Medicare cover cataract surgery?

Cataracts can be a serious health concern as you age. While science has yet to isolate the true cause of cataracts, it has been proven that the breakdown of your eye lens proteins and other age-related changes do lead to cataracts. What are cataracts, exactly? Cataracts are characterized by clouding of the eye's lens, which then becomes opaque and prevents...

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Over & Under 65 Medicare Disability Protections

There are a number of protections in place for those who are entitled to Medicare and Medigap insurance benefits. Following is an overview of these protections and how Medicare recipients can take advantage of them to obtain top quality care at a reasonable price.

Medicare Beneficiaries Over the age of 65

The Federal government has created a six month open enrollment period that anyone who turns...

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how to file a complaint with Medicare - Call 1-(855)-MEDIGAP

Medicare Plans in Wyoming

How to file a complaint with Medicare

Medicare handles more than 100,000 complaints each year, so you can take some solace in knowing that you aren't alone if you're unhappy with an aspect of the federal government's health care program. If solace isn't enough, though, you may be wondering about the best way to voice your displeasure.

First, you'll need to determine that...

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