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Medicare Supplemental Insurance - Trusted Choice

Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Cover Your Medicare Gaps Using this Trick

Medicare is a federal health insurance program that allows certain groups of people to get  healthcare coverage  without purchasing individual insurance plans or enrolling in a group health plan, such as an employer's health plan. Depending on the type and amount of coverage you have through the Medicare program, and your...

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Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage Plans | Trusted Choice

Medicare Advantage and Medigap Plan Facts

Medigap has 10 different packages to choose from

25% of people choose Medicare Advantage coverage

Both plans are considered private insurance, although they are partnered with the federal Medicare health insurance program

Understanding Medigap Plans

If you're already enrolled in original Medicare, which includes Part A (hospitalization coverage) and Part...

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Medicare Supplement Part F Coverage | Trusted Choice

Medicare Part F Health Supplements

The Cadillac of Medicare Supplemental Coverage

You may be familiar with Medicare Parts A through D, but if you're looking for the most comprehensive coverage available, you need to know about Medicare Supplement Plan F, sometimes called "Medicare Part F." Considered the "Cadillac of Medicare supplemental coverage," this Medigap plan picks up where other Medicare...

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Gym Insurance: Fitness Liability Coverage | Trusted Choice

Gym Insurance

The Hidden Risks of Owning a Gym

You might not think of runners as potential heart attack victims, but it happens. Cardiovascular activity has proven benefits, but in some rare cases, that increased heart activity can cause cardiac arrest. That's what happened at a west Texas Gold's Gym in December 2008 - a member was running on a treadmill, had a heart attack, and wasn't able to be...

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