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Certification Kickstarter

What's this Certification All About?

CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) has put guidelines in place to control when & how Medicare Advantage plans are sold. Agents must comply with these guidelines or face serious consequences, including investigation by their state insurance department and possible loss of their license. Certification is a CMS requirement to market or sell Medicare products and to be eligible to receive commissions.

This certification includes training and testing in the basics of Medicare, CMS guidelines, plan options, marketing and enrollment...

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Understanding Medicare Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D

7. Your Medicare Checklist

But as complicated as all that sounds, there's a single key choice at the core of all your decision-making : Will you go with the Original Medicare plan, which is run by the federal government and consists of Parts A and B, or a Medicare Advantage plan (also called Part C) that is offered by a private insurer and approved by Medicare?

Medicare Part A -- Your Hospital...

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SelectQuote Senior

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This is not a complete listing of plans available in your service area. For a complete listing please contact 1-800-MEDICARE (TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048), 24 hours a day/7 days a week or consult...

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Paul Ryan's Health Care Plan Would Privatize Medicare ...

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., speaks to the media during a briefing on Capitol Hill in September. Mark Wilson/Getty Images hide caption

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Mark Wilson/Getty Images

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., speaks to the media during a briefing on Capitol Hill in September.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

President-elect Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan agree that repealing the Affordable...

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Blue Cross Medicare Advantage - Health Insurance Montana

Blue Cross Medicare AdvantageSM

Blue Cross Medicare AdvantageSM

The Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Plan offers all of the coverage of Original Medicare -- plus benefits not covered by Medicare or most Medicare Supplement insurance plans, including built-in prescription drug coverage.

The Blue Cross Medicare Advantage (HMO)SM plan offers health coverage to members who reside in Missoula county.


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Humana Medicare Advantage 2018 - Medicare Supplement Plans

One of the better medicare insurance supplemental plans you will see when you use the form above is the HUMANA Medicare Advantage Plan 2018.

2018 Humana Medicare Part D

A Medicare Part D prescription drug plan (PDP) may help lower your prescription expenses and protect against higher costs in the future. However, you can't get prescription drug coverage through Original Medicare. Part D stand...

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Humana Medicare Supplement insurance


Plans offered vary by state.

*Humana offers a high deductible Plan F and may offer a Medicare Select Plan F in your area.

**Plan N pays 100% of the Part B coinsurance except for a $20 copayment for office visits and a $50 copayment for emergency room visits that don't result in an inpatient admission.

***Plan K has an out-of-pocket yearly limit of $5,120 (in 2017) and Plan L has an...

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Does Medicare Advantage Cover Me If Traveling? - Medicare ...


Does Medicare Advantage Cover Me If Traveling?

If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, you're in luck if you travel as some of these plans pay for medical treatment while in foreign countries. Traditionally, Medicare coverage is not available outside of the United States if you have Part A and Part B, but since Medicare Advantage is managed by private healthcare carriers, you may be...

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Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage Plans | Trusted Choice

Medicare Advantage and Medigap Plan Facts

Medigap has 10 different packages to choose from

25% of people choose Medicare Advantage coverage

Both plans are considered private insurance, although they are partnered with the federal Medicare health insurance program

Understanding Medigap Plans

If you're already enrolled in original Medicare, which includes Part A (hospitalization coverage) and Part...

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Medicare Part D in Massachusetts - Call 1-(855)-MEDIGAP

Medicare Part D in Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts offers 23 Medicare Part D prescription drug plans which are furnished by 12 separate health care providers. Medicare Part D is a solid option if you're struggling to pay your prescription drug costs and you're over age 65. You'll need to be enrolled in Original Medicare Part A and B in order to sign up for a Part D plan. Once you're an...

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Medicare Advantage 2018 - Best Plans and Rates

Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018

Select Your State

Medicare Advantage for 2018

The plans that will give you some incredible coverage for medical expenses are the Medicare Advantage for 2018. These plans can replace Medicare for you, taking care of a lot of the same things that Medicare covers for you.

Now these aren't like supplemental Medigap plans, because they usually don't work alongside...

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Health Care Reform-any changes in Medicare, Advantage or ...

Kaiser Foundation comparison � for 2017 bills

Health Care Reform - Changes to Medicare

REDUCTIONS IN PAYMENTS AND OTHER��REQUIREMENTS - The federal government pays more for beneficiaries enrolled in these plans than for beneficiaries in fee-for-service Medicare. [My understanding was that these plans were created to SAVE $$$]� That additional funding provides enrollees with additional...

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What is a Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plan ...

What is a Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plan?

Medicare is a health insurance program run by the federal government. It is also known as Original Medicare. It provides medical and health-related services to:

People age 65 and older.

People of any age who are qualified as disabled.

People of any age who have kidney disease that requires dialysis or a transplant.

People of any age who have Lou...

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Medicare Advantage PFFS plans | Universal American Medicare

How Does a PFFS Plan Work?

A Medicare Advantage Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) plan is a type of Medicare Advantage plan (also known as Medicare Part C) in which you have the freedom to choose any doctor or hospital that accepts the plan's terms and conditions. The health plan, rather than the Medicare Program, decides what you'll pay for the services you will receive. Some of the advantages of...

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Compare Medicare Advantage Plans – Cost, Enrollment and ...

Medicare Advantage 0 Premium Plans - Should You Beware?

Medicare Advantage Definition

A good�Medicare Advantage Plan definition�is that it is�a government program offered by private insurance companies �that contract�with Medicare to provide you with all your Part A and Part B benefits. �It helps to pay for much of your out-of-pocket costs that you would be responsible for under...

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Medigap vs Medicare Advantage: Which is ... - Medicoverage.com

The first thing that most seniors considering health care ask us is, "Which is best: Medigap vs Medicare Advantage."  Before we can answer the question, however, we want to discuss how each product works because they are drastically different.

What is Medigap and What is Medicare Advantage?


Medigap refers to a group of supplemental insurance plans that work in conjunction with your...

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Texas Medicare Health Insurance Plan Options

Your Trusted Advisor.

Welcome to CDIS of Texas, your Independent, Authorized, Exclusive General Agent for Blue Cross and Blue Shield!

Since 2007, we've been helping Texas seniors and families get the most out of Medicare and Individual Health Insurance Plans. With a friendly staff of seasoned experts on standby, we're ready to help, whether you need information, advice or just a few good...

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UnitedHealthcare’s 2018 Medicare Plans Offer Strong Value

UnitedHealthcare, the market leader in Medicareii, today introduced its 2018 Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans, featuring stable premiums and benefits, broad access and choices, and a personalized experience to help people live healthier lives.

UnitedHealthcare's Medicare Advantage plans offer greater simplicity, personalization and value for the health care dollar, while providing...

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Medicare Assistance Program - Oklahoma

The Medicare Assistance Program is comprised of two divisions: SHIP (the Senior Health Insurance Counseling Program) and SMP (Seniors Medicare/Medicaid Fraud, Abuse and Waste Reduction Program).

SHIP DIVISION - Senior Health Insurance Counseling...

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It's Complicated: Coordinating Medicare, Employer ... - SHRM

It's Complicated: Coordinating Medicare, Employer Health Plans

For Boomers turning 65, family status and veterans benefits affect Medicare decisions

#Stephen Miller, CEBS

By Stephen Miller, CEBS Apr 15, 2011

Page Content

updated 11/17/2011

Reaching age 65 is an important turning point for many Baby Boomers--whether they are retiring from work or not. If they remain employed, however, Baby Boomers...

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NC Medicare Supplement Insurance - nchealthcoverage.com

NC Medicare Supplement Insurance

NC Medicare Supplemental Insurance is insurance coverage that consumers may purchase from a private insurance company like our agency, Al Crouse & Associates. This additional coverage covers expenses that are not ordinarily covered by your regular insurance. Anyone already enrolled in a Medicare plan can qualify for NC Medicare Supplemental Insurance that will...

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Florida Blue Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018

Why consider Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plans for 2018? This company has been providing people with health insurance for over seven decades. The company used to operate as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida. They've also been covering seniors on Medicare for over one-quarter of a century. Also, Florida Blue maintains 21 service centers in Florida and has agents dispersed all over the state....

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Medicare2017.org - Your Medicare Supplemental Insurance ...

You can also enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan during the Medicare Open Enrollment Period. The 2017 Medicare Open Enrollment Period begins on October 15 and ends on December 7. If you already have a plan, but would like a new one, this is also the time where you are permitted to change plans.

The third way to enroll for a Medicare Advantage plan is during the Special Enrollment Period. The...

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Medicare Advantage Plans - Seniors Health Plan Advisors

Join us for a FREE Seminar on Long Island "Understanding Your Medicare Choices"

Medicare Advantage Plans

(Part C) Overview

A Medicare Advantage Plan (such as an HMO,POS,PPO,SNP,PFFS and MSA) is another Medicare health plan choice you may have as part of Medicare. Medicare Advantage Plans, sometimes called "Part C" or "MA Plans" are offered by private companies approved by Medicare. If you...

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New-to-Medicare Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs ...

Medicare is the federal health insurance program for:

Most people age 65 and over

Certain people younger than 65 with disabilities

People with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) , also known as permanent kidney failure

For more information, see our Eligibility section.

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2. If I am eligible for Medicare, how do I enroll?

If you are receiving Social Security or Railroad Retirement...

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How Insurers Manipulate 'Medicare Advantage' - Undark

A study in the journal Health Affairs in February 2017 showed that non-fraudulent diagnoses by health insurers could cost an additional $199 billion in the next 10 years.

And the American Health Care Act passed by the House last month includes changes to Medicare that would cut into its revenue while increasing costs , raising the specter of earlier insolvency.

At the heart of the Justice...

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Medicare Advantage HMO Plans | TexanPlus | Houston ...


= available in the plan

Our TexanPlus Medicare Advantage plan Houston physician network is built and run by local doctors, just for you. The talented doctors covered by our Medicare Advantage plans are hand-picked by a panel of physicians in your area. We're also a local plan that is trusted and has been serving the Houston community for over 15 years.3

Find out what our 2018 TexanPlus® HMO...

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Dental Insurance Plans - Medicare Advantage, Medigap, Part ...

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Medicare Does Not Cover Dental... Period!

Medicare and Medicaid do not include oral health coverage for most people. Even those programs that do include coverage only contain provisions for extractions of teeth, and exclude the common oral procedures we all need as we age.

Basically, no help is available through Medicare for obtaining primary tooth repair or for having...

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Employer Solutions - Get your Medicare quote and view ...

Medicare Parts A & B) provides inpatient hospital coverage to nearly all Americans over sixty-five.

Part B provides medical coverage for doctors' visits, outpatient care, and some preventative services and costs the same low monthly premium for almost everyone.

Part C refers to the Medicare Advantage plans available through private health insurance companies which provide all the benefits of...

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IDOI: Medicare Advantage Plans - Indiana

Medicare Advantage Options

Original Medicare

Original Medicare will always be available.� If you want to continue receiving your benefits this way, then you do not have to do anything.�


This is a managed care plan with a network of providers who contract with an insurance company.� You choose a primary care physician who coordinates your care.� You agree to follow the rules of the...

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AARP Medicare Advantage Plans 2018

Search for:

AARP Medicare Advantage Plans 2018

AARP offers their own take on Medicare advantage plans for 2016. They strip the offerings down to three plans, but they all offer something unique from each other. The AARP Medicare Advantage Plans in 2018 are every bit as varied as what you will find from other insurance providers.

AARP may be best known for their forays into senior care and senior...

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Member Engagement, Medicare Advantage Growth Top 2018 ...

Value-Based Care News

Member Engagement, Medicare Advantage Growth Top 2018 Payer Trends

Medicare Advantage growth, high-deductible health plan optimization, and the need to improve member engagement will be top priorities for health payers in 2018.

Source: Thinkstock

By Thomas Beaton

December 26, 2017

-�2018 is a year in which payers are likely to implement strategies aimed at improving growth...

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Health Coverage for Labor Union Markets | Mark Farrah ...

Organized labor, representing one in ten Americans, is one of the most influential purchasing groups in the health care industry. Labor organizations in America have fought for and typically won better health benefits for more than 30 million people on behalf of the 15.3 million unionized workers. In the current economic environment, unions and employers are struggling to balance health benefit...

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Eligibility for Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plans

Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plans

Eligibility for Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plans

This article was updated on: 01/13/2017

Find Affordable Medicare Plans in Your Area

Are you thinking about getting a� Medicare Supplement plan , also known as Medigap? You might already be aware that this insurance can pay for some of your Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) costs, but may be wondering...

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Health Reimbursement Account - Wikipedia

Health Reimbursement Accounts are funded solely by the employer; they cannot be funded through employee salary deductions. The employer sets the parameters for the Health Reimbursement Accounts, and unused dollars remain with the employer: they do not follow the employee to new employment.

Contributions[ edit ]

Health Reimbursement Accounts are notional accounts; no funds are expensed until...

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Medicare Supplement Plans in Florida 2018

Seniors living in the Sunshine State have many options today when it comes to comparing Florida Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018. If you're over sixty-five you may want to consider a Medicare Supplement Plan in Florida for 2018 policy as opposed to Florida Medicare Advantage Plans . These policies, also known as Florida Medigap plans, help fill the gaps left in traditional Medicare Part A and...

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Medicare Changes For 2015 - Nasdaq.com

Open Enrollment for Medicare is underway, having begun October 15 and set to end December 7.

In case the 152 page M edicare.gov 2015 Medicare handbook is daunting , a more condensed overview of the changes may be beneficial. With millions of seniors covered under Medicare, a comprehensive look into what options are available can save literally billions of dollars for enrollees.

Overview Of...

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Home | UnitedHealthcare Community Plan: Medicare ...

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Disclaimer Information

Looking for the federal government's Medicaid website? Look here at Medicaid.gov .

UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete Plans

By submitting information, you agree that...

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Home | UnitedHealthcare Community Plan: Medicare ...

This site contains documents in PDF format. PDF (Portable Document Format) files can be viewed with Adobe® Reader®. If you don't already have this viewer on your computer, download it free from the Adobe website.

Disclaimer Information

Looking for the federal government's Medicaid website? Look here at Medicaid.gov .

UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete Plans

By submitting information, you agree that...

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Home | UnitedHealthcare Community Plan: Medicare ...

This site contains documents in PDF format. PDF (Portable Document Format) files can be viewed with Adobe® Reader®. If you don't already have this viewer on your computer, download it free from the Adobe website.

Disclaimer Information

Looking for the federal government's Medicaid website? Look here at Medicaid.gov .

UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete Plans

By submitting information, you agree that...

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AvMed Medicare Insurance Plans | Medicare Insurance Providers

AvMed Medicare Insurance Plans

AvMed Health Care was the highest-rated heath care provider in Florida for a fourth year in a row in 2015, according to J.D. Power and Associates. AvMed offers a variety of options to its members throughout the state. The company now serves more than 300,000 members from its headquarters in Miami and engages its members toward healthy living. AvMed Medicare gives...

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Medicare Advantage Plans | Arizona Department of Economic ...

Medicare Advantage Plans are a series of Healthcare Plans that were created in partnership between Medicare and Private Insurance companies to provide cost efficient healthcare to Medicare-eligible beneficiaries.

When adopting an Advantage Plan, all healthcare charges are billed through the selected Provider, and not directly through Medicare.

There are five types of plans available in...

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14 Must-Know Facts About Medicare Open Enrollment - Health

Medicare open enrollment

Making sense of Medicare, the government-run health-insurance plan for people with disabilities and those age 65 and older, isn't easy. The options read like alphabet soup, including Parts A and B (original Medicare), Part C (Medicare Advantage), and Part D (drug coverage).

Every year Medicare beneficiaries have a chance to change coverage during a Medicare Annual...

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What Is Health Insurance?

By The MNT Editorial Team

Last updated

Last updated Tue 5 Jan 2016

What Is Health Insurance?

How To Find Private Health Insurance

Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that covers the cost of an insured individual's medical and surgical expenses. Depending on the type of health insurance coverage, either the insured pays costs out-of-pocket and is then reimbursed, or the insurer...

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Medicare Supplement Insurance - Mutual of Omaha

View Transcript

BOB: Wow Ann, there sure is a lot of information out there about Medicare.

ANN:Good thing we have just two main choices for our Medicare health insurance, huh?(Laughs)I couldn't handle any more.

BOB): I see our optionsas two roads we could take,and we're at the crossroads.

ANN: Oh, that's a good analogy. How about I tell you what I learned about Medicare Advantage plans.


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Why seniors should choose wisely when selecting Medigap ...

Why seniors should choose wisely when selecting Medigap supplement insurance

Garett Fisbeck / Dallas Morning News

Bruce Woods and his wife, Haroldy, pose for a photo at their home in Dallas, Texas, on September 4, 2013. Bruce is 65 and is preparing to apply for Medicare. He and Haroldy want to learn the features of Medicare Advantage plans and Medigap policies to ensure that they have proper...

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Information for Medicare Beneficiaries - dfs.ny.gov

(Link to the Health Insurance Information Counseling and Assistance Program Offered by the NYS Office for the Aging; opens in a new window)


Medicare Advantage Plans | Supplement Insurers |  Rates Tables |  Outline of Medicare Supplement Coverage

Improvements to Medicare's Preventative Care Coverage

As of January 1, 2011, Medicare covers more preventative services. Medicare beneficiaries...

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Date: 2018-03-03 18:33:56
Website: http://www.dfs.ny.gov

Tips on using the AARP and UnitedHealthcare Medicare ...

Tips on using the AARP and UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plan Healthcare Provider Search and Medicare Part D Pharmacy Search

Published on 2016-10-01 11:23:40

Category: Pharmacies & Providers

The AARP and United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plan Healthcare Provider Search Tool

The AARP Medicare Advantage plan and UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plan healthcare provider (hospitals and...

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List Of Top Health Insurance Companies 2017 - Comparison ...

Highmark BCBS and UPMC Dominate Western Pa Healthcare


Based in Pittsburgh, Highmark� provides benefits to more than 5 million persons countrywide. Their main products are health insurance, dental, and vision coverage, and its reinsurance operations. Most of the individual and group healthcare plans are provided in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Delaware. A few years ago, they...

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Medicare Supplement Plans in Arizona - Medigap Plans

More than 30 private insurance companies offer Medicare supplement plans in Arizona. Because Original Medicare A and B won't pay for everything, these Arizona Medigap plans help beneficiaries pay the deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments left over. The following information will help you understand the options you have for Arizona supplemental insurance and assist you in determining which plan...

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