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What Does Medicare Part A Cover? - Senior65

What Does Medicare Part A Cover?

Original Medicare Part A costs and coverage


What is Medicare Part A and what does it cover? This is an important question to ask, but many people new to Medicare get confused at the different parts of Medicare. For starters, Original Medicare is made up of two parts: Medicare Part A (which mainly covers hospitalization) and Medicare Part B ( which covers...  [more...]

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Medicare vs. Medicaid: How Disability Health Care Works

Medicare vs. Medicaid: Which Plan Covers People Getting�SSDI Benefits?

If you're approved for SSDI benefits, you must wait two years after your claim's approval date to qualify for Medicare. When Congress expanded Medicare to cover seriously disabled Americans in 1972, the law also mandated that SSDI two-year waiting period . For this reason, the Social Security Administration (SSA) isn't...  [more...]

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