UPHP Minute - Episode 8 - Parts of Medicare

You know what's confusing? Medicare. Jennifer Claus takes us through the 4 parts of Medicare - Parts A, B, C, & D.

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From: Upper Peninsula Health Plan

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Parts of Medicare

Medicare is divided into 4 parts, which can be confusing for people who are used to the all-in-one plan offered by most employers. However, we can easily break this down to make it simpler for you to understand.

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Medicare Part D - the Prescription Drug Plan - is Working for Seniors

Washington got it right. Medicare Part D - Prescription Drug Plan - is working for seniors! Part D provides patients access to medicines at affordable prices. Better yet, patients' monthly premiums will average $30 in 2012...that's a 44% decrease from original projections (HHS).

And Part D is saving money on other healthcare services! Part D saves Medicare about $1,200 / year in hospital, nursing home and other costs for each senior who previously lacked comprehensive prescription drug...

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Jon's Medicare Minute - 4 Parts of Medicare

This short video explains the 4 basic parts of Medicare.

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Parts of Medicare

Learn what the different parts of Medicare covers! Understand that there are 4 Parts to Medicare.

Medicare Part A

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part C

Medicare Part D

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From: Takeesha Wade

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Practical Tips and Strategies for Hospice Appeals Audio-Conference - Part 4

For purchasers of the Medicare Hospice Appeals Toolkit: From the ADR to the ALJ

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AGM 2007 Keynote Address: Roy Romanow (Part 4: Canada's Medicare System and Sustainability)

Healthcare deserves our finest thought, and Roy Romanow contributes his in this keynote on the renewal and future of medicare. In his keynote address at The Change Foundation's inaugural 2007 annual general meeting, Roy Romanow shares lessons about the contributions, competing visions and sustainability of medicare learned from his role as head of the influential federal Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada.

Part 4: Canada's Medicare System and Sustainability.

For more...

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From: thechangefoundation

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Medicare & Medicaid: Know the Difference, Know the Impact - Part 4 of 4

There are two programs frequently mentioned in budget and deficit discussions: Medicare and Medicaid. It is important for policy makers not only to understand these programs, but also realize the short and long-term impact on their older constituents.

The Leadership Council on Aging Organization hosted a briefing on June 10, 2011, where experts defined these programs, discussed their intricacies, and reinforced why they are invaluable to America's seniors.

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From: National Council on Aging

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Comparing the rollouts of Romneycare, Medicare Part D and Obamacare (Part 1 of 4)

Curbside Consult Host Harold Pollack talks with Joanne Kenen, the lead health care reporter and editor for Politico and Politico Pro. She is one of the top sources of Washington reporting on health reform and many other subjects.

The two had a wide-ranging conversation about the troubled rollout of healthcare.gov, the perils of covering misleading anecdata, the marathon of covering such a difficult political story for so many years.

In the first part of this four-part interview, Pollack and...

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#30.2 Medicare Eligibility and Enrollment - How to Handle the Medicare Maze (2 of 5)

Medicare eligibility and enrollment in Medicare is covered in depth in the series part of the "How to Handle the Medicare Maze" video series. Topics covered include the 4 parts of Medicare coverage, labeled A, B, C, and D, and eligibility based on age and residency.

View the entire "How to Handle the Medicare Maze" video series on CaregiverStress.com:


Looking for information on health care in...

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