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Controlling costs of Medicare and Medicaid Health Insurance Programs

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There is significant concern about the ability of the government to be able to afford Medicare and Medicaid programs. In fact, the Medicare Trustees estimate each year when the Medicare Trust Fund will go broke; that is, Medicare would only pay out what it collects in insurance premiums paid by employees and employers, requiring significant cuts in reimbursements to health care...

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Paying the Bills When Medicare Stops

In 1983 Medicare implemented the DRG Prospective Payment System for hospitals. This system caused patients to leave the hospital as soon as their condition was stabilized in what the Mayo Clinic would call "Quicker and Sicker."

October 1, 2012 Medicare Limits Hospital Readmissions*. More than 2,000 hospitals — including some nationally recognized ones — will be penalized by the government starting in October because many of their patients are readmitted soon after discharge.


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Ageing Gracefully - Senior Moments Jokes

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Home Health Medicare Costs are FUNKY

This is a look at HHA medicare costs by state and year. It doesn't make sense. Friends, we are all paying for whatever is going on here.

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Impact of the Changes to Provider-Based Hospice Medicare Cost Report Schedules

Intensive hospice Medicare cost report changes have taken place in the past year for free-standing hospices, and now they’re required of all hospices. The cost report schedule changes for provider-based hospices are effective for fiscal years beginning on or after October 1, 2015. Join BKD for a complimentary webinar on the changes, internal records to maintain for accurate and complete preparation and anticipated uses of the cost report information.

Upon completion of this webinar,...

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Medicare Cost At Age 65

Turning 65 & Thinking How much does medicare cost at age 65 ?

Medicare has different parts & plans and each part has its own cost associated with it

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Medicare part A which works as hospital insurance can cost $0 at age 65 if you or your spouse have paid taxes for 10 years else Medicare Part A can cost up to $422 each month

Medicare Part A Deductible cost is $1340 for each benefit period & $0 Co...

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What was LBJ Told That Medicare Would Cost in 1990?

As the story goes, President Lyndon Johnson asked what Medicare would cost in 1990 about 35 years after the program was started. LBJ was told $9 billion. As Georgia Congressman J. Roy Rowland told the Public Policy Foundation on June 27, 1994, "No one can look into the future and tell us what will be happening." Medicare cost $130 billion in 1993 and in 2013 Medicare cost $536 billion according to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Rowland served six years in the Georgia House through...

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How To Avoid Medicare Fraud

Fraud cost taxpayers close to $60 billion a year

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Medicare Supplement -- What do Supplements Cost?

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Medicare supplement cost keep rising. By watching your plan and watching your medicare supplement cost you can save money. The cost of a Medicare Supplement increases every year. A good agent will watch his clients plan and if it gets to expensive then the agent should have some alternatives.

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Part 3 - Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Advantage | Medigap.us



There is no such thing as a FREE Medicare plan. We talk about the different Medicare supplement plans and how it compares to the Medicare Advantage program that replaces your Medicare Part A and B. What some agents refer to as "free" Medicare can end up costing you thousands of dollars a year. Learn more here.

Medigap vs Medicare Advantage

Best Medicare Plan

What is best Medicare plan?

Georgia Medicare Plans

Texas Medicare Plans

Kansas Medigap...

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