AARP Financial Services : About AARP Term Life insurance

AARP term life insurance plans are a popular product that can be a supplement to Medicare, as AARP will cover the costs that Medicare does not cover. Get information on insurance plans with information from the communications director of the North Carolina AARP in this free video on financial services.

Expert: Bob Garner


Bio: Bob Garner is the communications director for AARP in North Carolina.

Filmmaker: Albert Hedgepeth

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Medicare Supplemental Insurance - Low Rate Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Do you need Medicare Supplemental Insurance, do you know how it works? Medicare supplemental insurance picks up the 20% that Medicare does not cover, as well as pay all your other deductibles and co-pays that your original Medicare does not cover. Medicare Insurance Consultants agents have 47 years of experience in the Medicare market. MIC helps people understand how Medicare works and what all their options are. Most importantly MIC...

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Find Medicare Supplement agents for information costs

Find local Medicare Supplement insurance agents for no obligation information and cost comparisons. Compare AARP Medicare Supplement, Medigap policies from leading insurance companies.

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