Medicare Supplement cost in different states including Montana, Florida and California

Medicare Supplement insurance ranges in price depending on where you live. This video shares the range in cost between different plans in different areas of the country. The video starts with one of the lowest cost areas for Medicare Supplement insurance which is Montana and also shares rates from a higher cost area like Palm Beach, Florida. We also included Medigap pricing for Tallahassee and cities in California. We can find you the lowest cost available Medsup plan. Visit...

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Ageing Gracefully - Senior Moments Jokes

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Ageing Gracefully - Senior Moments Jokes- in this short video with share some ever funny jokes about ageing and senior moments. Enjoy!! is an independent Health,Medicare, Life, Final Expenses insurance specialist. We work for you not the insurance companies to get you the best prices and insurance protection. IMCetirement, golden years, baby boomers, elder population, older woman, old man , elderly, rest home, retirement...

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Retirement Living Spotlight on Medicare D

Medicare Part D Costs. Retirement Living's Spotlight on Medicare Part D. Featuring John Palmer and Alexis Abramson.

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Obamacare & Patent Expiration: Why Medicare Cost Growth is Slowing

Medicare cost growth is slowing and it's thanks to Obamacare and patents expiring among other things...

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From: The Majority Report with Sam Seder

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Seniors not getting cost of living increase

WASHINGTON (WKRC) -- Local 12 News learned seniors on Social Security won't get an increase in the cost of living next year. The reason given for no increase was the way inflation was figured looking at the consumer price index. It was not figured on the government's own "elderly inflation" scale. Wednesday, Oct. 21, Local 12 News spoke with U.S. representative Brad Wenstrup about that, I think you hit it on the head transportation is used less and medical more. We need to take a look at the...

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From: LOCAL 12

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