Simplified Benefit Statements Coming from Medicare

Medicare recipients soon will see simplified benefit statements with added protections against Medicare fraud.

CMS has revamped its Medicare Summary Notices, which are the billing statements beneficiaries receive in the mail every three months. Larger type and explanations of services in plain English make these easier to read and understand.

Additionally, Medicare offers a $1,000 reward to beneficiaries who report potential cases of fraud, but until now, the reward has never been spelled...

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From: Anthony Cirillo

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Medicare Advantage | Timely Tips: Your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Statement

Medicare Advantage members who use services in a given month will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement. The explanation of benefits statement shows the medical care paid for by BCBSM and any charges a member may owe. If a member has questions on their EOB, they are encouraged to call the Customer Service number on the back of their BCBSM ID card or the phone number listed on their EOB.

H9572_O_IGEOBvs16 CMS Accepted 06062016

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, a nonprofit...

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From: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

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Medicare Summary Notices and Explanation of Benefits

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From: MMAP Inc

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What's the Deal with the Doughnut Hole?

Basic explanation of the Medicare Part D drug benefit "Doughnut Hole" in under 90 seconds.

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From: Onebnz

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