Quick Tip: Medicare Part D – Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice

Rebecca Scandaliato, Vice President of Employee Benefits, addresses the significance of the Medicare Part D Disclosure Notice.

The Medicare Part D Creditable or Non-Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice needs to be sent out by Employers who sponsor group health plans that offer prescription drug coverage to Medicare-eligible individuals prior to the annual open enrollment period for Medicare Part D that begins on October 15th. This letter notifies Medicare-eligible individuals whether the...

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Medicare Advantage plans were first known as Medicare+Choice plans but later took on the name Medicare Advantage. These plans offer both health insurance coverage and optional drug coverage benefits (sometimes called MA-PD plans). Coverage is typically offered through a network of doctors and health care providers. Medicare Advantage plans often have higher co-pay amounts than a Medigap plan and may also require your primary...

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Medicare 101- Supplemental Coverage Options -OHL.wmv

Part 2 of of Medicare 101, Understanding Your Options from Oklahoma Health and Life Insurance. Supplemental coverage options to fill the gaps left by Original Medicare. Explains and compares the features, advantages and disadvantages of each option, and checklist of things to consider when deciding to move off of group sponsored coverage.

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Company Profile: Aetna Inc (NYSE:AET)

The company, one of the largest health insurers in the US, also offers life, disability, and long-term care insurance, as well as retirement savings products. Its Health Care division offers managed care plans, health savings accounts, and traditional indemnity coverage, along with dental, vision, behavioral health, and Medicare plans. The division covers nearly 18 million medical members. Aetna's Group Insurance segment sells life, disability, and long-term care insurance nationwide. And its...

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Judy Henry Health Insurance - Long Term Care, Medicare, Senior Plans, Huntington Beach, CA

http://www.judyhenryhealthinsurance.com - Judy Henry Health Insurance offers long term care plans, Medicare Advantage, senior supplements, Part D Rx drug coverage, disability, individual, group health & life, annuities and retirement planning in Huntington Beach, Orange County, CA.

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Michael Stephens, retired hospital CEO, on healthcare reform

Michael Stephens, retired president and CEO of Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach, CA, provides his thoughts on healthcare reform and how we ought to expand Medicaid and Medicare program to include coverage for additional groups by encouraging integrated health system payment levels.

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What is Medicare Special Enrollment Period for the Working Aged?


A Special Enrollment Period is available if you waited to enroll in Medicare Part B because you or your spouse had group health coverage through a current employer or union.

In such a case, you can enroll in Medicare Part B while you are still covered by an employer or union group health plan through you or your spouse's employment.

You may also enroll during the eight months after the month when the employer coverage ends, or when the employment ends,...

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Can I Delay Medicare Part B Enrollment Without Paying Higher Premiums?



In certain cases, you can delay your Medicare Part B enrollment in order to avoid paying higher premiums.

If you didn't take Medicare Part B when you were first eligible because you or your spouse were working and had group health plan coverage, you can sign up for Medicare Part B during a Special Enrollment Period.

You can sign up anytime you are still covered through your or your spouse's current or active employment, or during the 8 months your group...

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Local Agents for Blue Cross and Shield in North Carolina

Al Crouse and Associates is a licensed health insurance agency with over 70 years' experience providing affordable health insurance. The agency is located in Hickory, North Carolina, and was ranked the Blue Cross Blue Shield Top Agent for Western North Carolina in 13 of the last 16 years. In addition to offering Blue Cross Health and Blue Cross and Shield, they are a Medicare provider, with Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement insurance available. Al Crouse and Associates is the smart...

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Retirement Health Insurance Before Medicare

What do you do when you retire before you are eligible for Medicare?

To download your FREE 401(k) 10-Point Checklist For Baby Boomers visit: http://retirementplanningmadeeasy.com/401krollover

Here's the problem: if you retire before you are eligible for Medicare, you have to find health insurance coverage.

Here are 4 good options:

1. Consider COBRA if you are eligible.

2. See if your former group coverage has retiree health insurance up until age 65.

3. Consider a part time job with an...

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