Courtney: Medicare Part B Premiums will not increase

Congressman Courtney spoke on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 announcing that Medicare beneficiaries will not see any increase in premium costs for Medicare Part B in 2014.

"Connecticut seniors will be glad to know that their Part B premiums will not go up a dime in 2014," Courtney said. "Thanks to CMS efforts to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse, premium growth has been slower in the past five years than at any point in the program's history. For...

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From: Joe Courtney

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Medicare 101- Part B- Outpatient Care

Medicare 101- Part B is the third series of four hosted by Inter Valley Health Plan ( This three minute video covers outpatient care like, physician services, outpatient therapy services and outpatient hospital services (to name a few). This video also features premiums that are associated with Part B. Please consult your local Social Security office for advice as it pertains to your particular situation. H0545_FUY2013_162 CMS Accepted 03/14/2013

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From: intervalleyhp

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