2017 Coventry MAPD Sales Presentation

Coventry Medicare Advantage Plan with Part D Prescription Drug Coverage. 2017 Medicare Health Plan Sales Presentation.

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Exciting Medicare News from Dean!

Dean Health Plan is proud to announce that we have earned 5 out of 5 star for our Medicare Advantage plans for 2018.

This distinction is the best rating possible and reflects a high quality of care and service. Medicare rated 384 Medicare Advantage contracts this year. Dean Health Plan’s contract is one of only fifteen nationally to have earned the overall 5-Star rating for Medicare Advantage with prescription drug (Part D) plans.

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Us Family Health Plan

US Family Health Plan is a TRICARE Prime option offering an excellent program of health care coverage built on a sound mission and unsurpassed commitment to our members. This commitment is displayed every day through high-quality service and strong physician-patient relationships. The result: exceptional member satisfaction.

US Family Health Plan is the only TRICARE Prime program that offers benefits to active duty family members and all military retirees and their eligible family members,...

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Medicare Part A and Part B Explained for (2018)

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Your Medicare Options Part A, & B explained.

Part A -- Hospital Insurance (usually FREE). Covers Inpatient care in hospitals, Skilled nursing facility care, Hospice care and Home health care.

Part B -- Medical Insurance $104.90/mo. or higher based on your past or current income.

Covers Services from doctors and other healthcare providers, Outpatient care, Home health care, Durable medical equipment and some preventive services. There...

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Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D) - What You Need To Know About Medicare Part D

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Part D is the name of Medicare's prescription drug coverage. It's insurance that helps people pay for prescription drugs. It is available to everyone who has Medicare. It provides protection if you pay high drug costs or have unexpected prescription drug bills. It doesn't cover all costs. You have to pay part of the cost of...

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Health Insurance For Seniors call 1-800-MEDIGAP

Most people looking for Obamacare are under 65.

If your over 65 or on Medicare Part A & Medicare Part B you are probably looking for Health Insurance For Seniors (A.K.A Medigap) http://www.1800medigap.com

You may also be looking for Medical Gap Insurance for either of these plans which is an insurance plan that helps covers the gaps.


You might be wondering who our favorite medicare supplement companie is and that would be Mutual Of Omaha...

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Quick Tip: Medicare Part D – Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice

Rebecca Scandaliato, Vice President of Employee Benefits, addresses the significance of the Medicare Part D Disclosure Notice.

The Medicare Part D Creditable or Non-Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice needs to be sent out by Employers who sponsor group health plans that offer prescription drug coverage to Medicare-eligible individuals prior to the annual open enrollment period for Medicare Part D that begins on October 15th. This letter notifies Medicare-eligible individuals whether the...

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Medicare ABCs with Amy Irvine of Irvine Wealth Planning Strategies

Table of Contents:

1:12 Intro to Medicare options

3:39 Medicare Part A

6:56 Medicare Part B

13:48 Medicare Part D

20:52 EPIC (NY Residents Only)

2017 Open enrollment is upon us for Medicare, and in this video, we will go thorough parts A, B, D, and for those of you in New York State, EPIC.

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For more information on the content found in this video refer to:

Medicare - https://www.medicare.gov/


NY EPIC Plan -...

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Medicare Advantage plans were first known as Medicare+Choice plans but later took on the name Medicare Advantage. These plans offer both health insurance coverage and optional drug coverage benefits (sometimes called MA-PD plans). Coverage is typically offered through a network of doctors and health care providers. Medicare Advantage plans often have higher co-pay amounts than a Medigap plan and may also require your primary...

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Chairman Ryan: Choice and Competition Will Increase Quality, Decrease Costs in Health Care

One of the key principles underlying the reforms in The Path to Prosperity budget is that when providers compete against each other for a patient's business -- costs go down and quality goes up.

We have seen this play out in the Medicare Part D (prescription drug) program. Part D has come in 40 percent below cost projections. While part of those savings can be attributed to lower-than-expected enrollment, Medicare's chief actuary has calculated that nearly 85 percent of the program's...

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From: House Budget Committee

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