The Cost of Complacency when Shopping Medicare Plans

Open enrollment for people with Medicare ends December 7; and while healthcare costs rank most burdensome among common living expenses for seniors, a new report, “The Cost of Complacency,” reveals that seniors are more likely to comparison shop for groceries, gas, cable and internet service and even travel deals, than they are to shop for a Medicare plan. Bart Astor is an author and recognized expert in life's transitions and eldercare. He joins us to discuss the risks faced by seniors...

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Preventive Services in Medicare Part B: Video 9

In this video we talk about preventive services available in Medicare part B. We will also discuss excluded services as well as how to pay for services that are included. Note that there is a cost sharing component in Medicare part B. Beneficiaries are expected to pay a premium as well coinsurance and/or copays for the services. In the future we will discuss Medigap insurance and Medicare Advantage plans. This overall comparison of many different plan types will give you options to think about...

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Turning 65?

If you're enrolling in Medicare soon, you have an important decision ahead. Make sure you get real value from your Medicare plan.

Find out how Windsor Medicare Extra continues to provide affordable coverage with meaningful extra benefits.

Call today and we'll send you the latest edition of the Social Security Guide to Medicare, updated for 2012.

Plus, our Plan Comparison Guide.

At Windsor we'll help you manage health care costs and even support you with regular, customized reminders for...

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Medicare Supplement Plan G Rate Decreases? Medicare Supplement Plan G is quickly becoming one of the favorite plans due to its benefits, rate stability and for a select group of states, rate decreases.

Watch this video and see how Plan G compares to the most popular plan, Plan F.

This video will also show a side by side comparison of Plan G vs Plan F rates and the long term cost comparison of how much you may save with Plan G.

Insurance companies like Plan G and some are reducing Plan G premiums. While not...

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2018 Medicare Supplement Comparison Shopping For Best Prices |


The insurance companies do not want you shopping your coverage. They want you to stay right where you are and keep overpaying on premiums. But the truth is that Medigap Plans A-N are IDENTICAL from company to company. If you call your insurance company or captive agent, they will not tell you the best prices available in your area. They would never tell you how much you can save for identical coverage by going to their competitor for your Medicare supplement...

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