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Retirement Transitions LLC allows individuals to access Medicare Supplement Insurance plans and rates without having a sales person invade your personal space. Retirement Transitions is transforming how people shop for supplemental insurance by making rates more accessible, removing the pesky sales person, and making it simple to find and apply for a plan. We're putting you in the driver's seat to take control of your health insurance future.


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MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT PLANS by . You can get instant medicare supplement plans and rates online at too. We offer many of the top providers in the country and are professionally trained to help you in your search to compare medicare supplemental plans. Pat A, Part B are from MEDICARE and then you will get a Medigap plan from a private insurance company.

Medicare Supplement...

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Illinois and Iowa information on Medicare Supplements

There are many insurance plans aka Medicare Supplements that work with a Medicare Beneficiaries original Parts A and B. Only one plan covers 100% of everything left behind by traditional Medicare. Medicare Supplement Plan F is the only plan that covers a person for all of the 20% left behind in the doctors office and hospital. To find out which company will cover you the best log on to You can also call anytime day or night @ 1 800 218 7935 for the...

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FAQ - Will my insurance pay for an oral appliance? | Florida Dental Sleep Disorders

Welcome to Florida Dental Sleep Disorders! If you've looked into treatment costs for your sleep apnea, you may have found yourself wondering if your insurance will cover it. As it turns out, in many situations oral appliances are covered by Medicare. If you have traditional Medicare Part B with a supplement, once you've met your deductible for the year chances are there won't be any out of pocket costs for you at all. If you have commercial...

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Medicare Supplement Challenge (3 Question/Answer)

Medicare Supplement Challenge!

Medicare Supplement questions are answered in this fun game show.

Medicare Supplements are offered in Indiana, South Carolina, Georgia and Oklahoma through Memebers Health Insurance (MHI).

• If you already have Medicare, is it worth it to get a Medicare Supplement?

• If you already have a Medicare Supplement through another company, can you switch?

• If you have a Medicare Supplement though another company and want to switch, will you have to change doctors?

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Florida Medicare Supplements

In the Sunshne State its not all fun in the sun. Most how shoose this paradise to retire in are confronted with Medicare and the different insurances, aka, Medicare Supplements/Medigap Insurance Plans. If you do not know the right places to turn for your education concerning Medicare and all the options there are once you are on it. Medicare Supplements Made Easy can show you which plan will best meet your needs as well as which company will save you the most throughout retirement. Log on to...

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Medigap policy - Medical Meaning and Pronunciation

Medigap policy

Medigap policy: In the US, a Medicare supplement insurance policy sold by private insurance companies to fill gaps in Original Medicare Plan coverage. Except in Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin, there are 10 standardized plans labeled Plan A through Plan J. Medigap policies only work with the Original Medicare Plan.

How to pronounce Medigap policy

definition of Medigap policy

audio dictionary

How to say Medigap policy

What is the meaning of Medigap policy


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Plan F VS Plan G

Plan F has been the most comprehensive coverage for a long time, and technically it still is. However, Plan G covers all of the same things as Plan F with the exception of the $183 annual Part B deductible. Plan G often saves clients hundreds or even thousands of dollars over time. Check it out. or call me at 662-321-0996 or 1.800.462.3980

How to pick a Medicare Plan

How to pick a Medicare Supplement Plan

How to pick between plan f...

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Call us: 866-772-1839

We serve the North Carolina Triad area exclusively!

We have years of experience helping people find the right supplemental plan for them. We are a Medicare Specialty Brokerage that represents top companies with the most competitive rates. We have years of experience visiting with people in the privacy of their own homes or where ever they choose to meet, explaining their Medicare benefits, and helping them choose a plan that...

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Virginia Medicare Supplement Plans Insurance Specialist

As your Virginia Medicare Supplement Plans Insurance Specialist we bring you the top A rated Virginia Medicare Supplement Companies prices at once. This saves you time and money and allows you to make an informed decision. We can't wait to put your money back where it belongs!

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Medicare Supplement Quotes - Is Your Plan F Too Expensive?


Have you been on the same Medicare Supplement plan with the same company for several years in a row? Has the monthly premium become too expensive? We can help. We work with Seniors to shop all the companies to get you the best value!

Texas Medicare Supplement | Medicare Insurance in Texas

Austin Medicare Supplement | Medicare Insurance in Austin

San Antonio Medicare Supplement | Medicare Insurance in San Antonio

Houston Medicare...

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Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan Review | Aetna Medigap Plan Reviews for more information..

This is a review of the Aetna Medicare Supplement plans and company.

Aetna has a very long tradition of stability and customer service.

If you need information on the availability of an Aetna Medigap plan, you can call our independent agency at 1-800-729-9590.

They sell the Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan F and the Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan G, as well as the Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan N.

The enrollment process with Aetna is very...

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Medicare Supplement Rate Increases

Have you had another Medicare Supplement rate increase, again?

We can shop the market for Medicare Supplement Quotes that you will be glad to see.

Plan F from your company is the same, exact benefit as Plan F from another company. The only difference is the price. You can verify this with your "Medicare & You" Guidebook.

In the 2014 edition of this book, it is found on Page 68,

"How do I compare Medigap policies?

Different insurance companies may charge...

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Medicare Supplement 2018- Over 65% of seniors select the wrong Plan

Find out what a supplement will cost in your zip code.

December 7 does not stop open enrollment for Medicare Supplements. Of all the plans available, do you know which one is the best for the consumer? This video will show you the plan that the majority of professional brokers will recommend. In fact it is the same plan I have for myself. With Medicare Supplements Medicare has authorized 10 plans to be offered to the public. ...

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Mississippi Medicare Supplement Rates

Here's a snapshot of the best Medicare Supplement Rates in Mississippi. Most people ARE overpaying for their supplement, and they are getting no extra benefit for doing so!

Plan F is a plan F whether you have it with Mutual of Omaha, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, Equitable, Manhattan Life, Western United, Puritan, etc.

Plan G is a plan G whether you have it with Mutual of Omaha or any of the other companies listed above.

So, if they're all the same, why pay more than you have to!...

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From: Medicare

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New Jersey Medicare Supplements

Whether on Jersey Shore or just in a salon getting that "Jersey Look" when it comes to Medicare the right education will make all the difference in the world. Many people are so confused they end up signing up for the wrong plan with the wrong company or worse doing nothing at all with their Medicare. Call Medicare Supplements Made Easy to get the most up to date Medicare education. Which companies are doing the most affordable Medigap Insurance in your zip code call 1 800 218 7935 or log on to...

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Medicare Supplement Insurance

View Medicare Supplement Quotes Online at or Call (866) 894-3258 to speak with one of our knowledgeable Medicare Supplement Agents.

GoMedigap offers plans from The Big 3 Medicare supplement insurance carriers (AARP-branded United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and United of Omaha (Mutual of Omaha) and several other companies to ensure our clients get the best combination of benefits and coverage from established and reputable companies. Learn about some of our...

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Huge Difference in Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Premiums

Short 2 minute video from the Weiss Report showing the HUGE difference in Premiums for a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan (Medigap) from one health insurance company to another.

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Medicare Supplement Rate Increase methods Issued Age, Community Age, Attained Age

Medicare Supplement Rate Increases,. there is a method to the madness... There are three ways your Medicare Supplement Insurance Company can increase your premium price. The more you know, the more you can save.

Note: You are always better off taking a few minutes to shop and compare, there is no reason to pay more than you have to!!!

Robert Bache AKA MedicareBob


Email me with all of your Medicare Questions:

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Thrivent Medicare Supplement now available to Independent Agents

We are now accepting contracts for Thrivent's new Med Supp. Get contracted today at

Add a Medicare Supplement Insurance option to your product offerings that stands out.

Thrivent Financial Medicare Supplement Insurance lets you offer clients coverage with highly competitive premiums and commissions. In addition, Thrivent is:

• A not for profit membership organization that helps Christians be wise with money and live...

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From: New Horizons Insurance Marketing, Inc.

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Alabama Medicare Supplements

Alabama Medicare Supplements talks about some of the key points that Medicare beneficiaries in the Yellow Hammer state should pay attention to when shopping for Medicare Supplemental Insurance aka Medigap Insurance. Many people are unaware that all companies who offer the same lettered Medicare Supplemental Plans must offer the same coverage for the letter that coinsides with that plan. This means that Plan F is no different with one insurance company than Medicare Supplement Plan F through...

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From: MedSuppsMadeEasy

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