With rising health care costs, what should the government do? Make Medicare consistent with Social Security by raising the age limit. Also, adjust medicare means so the more affluent people pay larger premiums.

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2018 Medicare Part B Premium & the Hold Harmless Provision

2018 Medicare Part B Premium & the Hold Harmless Provision

4 Out of 10 on Medicare Will See Part B Premiums Rise by over 20% in 2018

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Social Security provided their largest raise to beneficiaries in six years, however some speculate nearly 70% of seniors will not see it.

Social Security’s cost-of-living adjustment for the upcoming year will be 2%,

Those protected by “hold-harmless” will see significant premium...

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Medicare costs to skyrocket?

FBN’s Liz MacDonald, Gerri Willis, Charlie Gasparino and former HHS Deputy Secretary Tevi Troy discuss the reasons Medicare premiums are expected to rise for millions.

Watch Charlie Gasparino and Neil Cavuto talk about Health Care and Health Reform on Cavuto.

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Medigap plans Medicare Advantage plan premiums will rise

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Medicare advantage plans will raise their premiums in the future. Medigap plans will eventually become the better choice for some seniors as the advantage plans receive less money from the government medicare system. I was at a seminar today with Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross, Bravo, and a lot of other companies except AARP United Healthcare. They were talking about the government taking away 2% of the Medicare cost and putting it on the Medicare...

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Health Care Costs for Retirees Rise 6 Percent to $275,000

Health care costs for a 65-year old couple are estimated to be $275,000, a six percent increase over last year’s estimate, according to Fidelity Investments. Fidelity reports the increase reflects general market trends and expectations for health care costs, including monthly Medicare premiums and out-of pocket drug expenses. Even more startling -- the 2017 estimate represents a more than 70 percent increase since 2002. Fidelity Benefits leaders say as retiree health care costs continue to...

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