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Medigap policy - Medical Meaning and Pronunciation

Medigap policy

Medigap policy: In the US, a Medicare supplement insurance policy sold by private insurance companies to fill gaps in Original Medicare Plan coverage. Except in Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin, there are 10 standardized plans labeled Plan A through Plan J. Medigap policies only work with the Original Medicare Plan.

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WI Medicare Insurance - Med Sup Plans, Watertown for medicare supplement information

Turning 65, or already on Medicare, but have no idea which medicare plan is best for you? Don't feel alone, it can all be confusing, but help is here! Health Insurance Specialists can help you wade through the options and help you understand which plan is best for you.

Known by med sups, medigap, medi supps, as well as others, medicare supplement plans will cover the holes in Medicare and take over where it falls off. Get peace of...

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Wisconsin Medicare Supplements

Wisconsin help with your Medicare Supplement plan choices

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